2015-2016+the Inversion of Parliament

If you have come straight to this page, check out: www.rub.fm links to sooooo much music and more…you’ll even find a link at the bottom of the page back to here!

It’s a slow process for me all this tech stuff but I’m gradually getting on top of things thanks massively in kind to James in Greenwich and the Open Wireless Network: www.spc.org , Terry whose old laptop I’m now the happy owner of, Di+Mike who got me started with an A3 scanner and Rob whose internet connection I’m currently making the most of!…and always, the good ol’Bird’s Nest in Deptford…’the last punk pub in London’ so The Rub says…for me, the heart of a great community whom I cherish dearly as it is with the kindness of those around me, along with my continuing perseverance that I keep on keeping on.

Back to the title…THE INVERSION OF PARLIAMENT…there’s currently an installation in the Bird’s Nest, SE8 4RZ of photographic work and suspended labels with free gifts attached. Eileen The Cameravan, although increasingly tidier, remains of road which has caused me to build a variety of large camera obscuras out of other objects in other places instead.

With any luck, I’ll be joining the Random Artist exhibition 4-9th November (details at: www.randomartists.org ) but in the meantime, get a gist of the story on the page entitled, Other Obscuras