New Clear Reign

Nice and easy does it, no need to tow the mark

Slow and gently goes it, all we need is a little spark

Call of hope to remain strong

Through these times of change

Whilst we rearrange

Our priority checklist or is that a hit-list, a wishlist

Oh well let’s just do this list and change

Come now it’s been too long

We’ve been destroying our land we all live upon

Washing our hands and passing the blame

When are we ever going to hear what the so-called experts have to say about the oncoming

New Clear Reign

Storm down on me

For now I know

In fact you know I’ve always known

What it is I am living for

And I can feel you right here beside me

Touching my skin

And I feel a deep sense of life

In every sound, in every touch and every sight

And I know that there’s a spark deep inside of me

Burning endlessly strong

And glowing on.