April 2017 and almost three years since I embarked upon a crowdfund to get Eileen The Cameravan Back On The Road Again. I didn’t reach my proposed target but I did OK. I did also happen to shoot myself in the foot on the eve of launching the campaign and was compelled to exactly what I shouldn’t and make and release a short film that didn’t really present myself in the most professional light.

Hindsight tells me that I should’ve invested differently and got myself some working kit with which to work but I attempted to stick to my guns and carry out what I’d proposed. However, the practicalities of such proved impossible at that time, mostly due to the extreme limitations of access to ETC. So much so, ETC has moved approximately 1 metre backwards since then.

There are some major differences however. I am on the straight and narrow. My creative endeavours are more or less completed. ETC is almost tidy.

I’d always imagined a Pi-a-NoHoleCameravan and during the early months of 2015, a small local rabble squatted a local building for a short period of time. Tucked away in the shadows, I found an old Everett Hammond Organ. Knotty had the technical know how, I had the curiosity and flash light and Pedro had a dustpan and brush. Within a short while, we had it working again. Hearing the sound of the base pedals made me want to make music with it.

That brief period in the local squat was pretty crucial to my existence as I was probably in the midst of my darkest hour. Projects were fucking up, friends were turning their backs on me, money was screwed and I quite frankly felt like I’d reached the end of my tether. Knotty kept a close eye on me. I guess it was that year I had my first adventure with spray paint.

If I’m to be described as a junky, my greatest addictions are to life, light and the exquisite feelings conjured up in the creative process. Please don’t suggest this is illegal.

On eviction from the squat, Knotty took the Hammond to his studio in Woolwich and I hope to hear whatever he produced before his suicide last year. I’m so sorry I hadn’t kept a closer eye on Josh.

The Hammond got returned to me and lived in the Bird’s Nest for a while where a lovely man called John came and fixed it up. Some pesky little rascal took one of the elements from it but that was soon replaced. With the help of Michael and Ian, the Hammond got delivered to ETC where it has been ever since.

Ironic timing as my electricity got cut off around then so it hasn’t yet been plugged in. I’m still persevering with things though and work on ETC continues. I will install the Everett with the hope of making music with it one day.

What I should probably do right now is buck my ideas up, drop the life crisis and walk tall. I know I’m sitting on a great body of great work and I have a lot to be proud of and excited for.



In the grand scheme of things, this is still a relatively new internet idea and I’ve found through my endeavours that a lot of people still don’t know what it is. On reflection, I should’ve spent more time explaining its point and purpose but there are many things I should’ve done and I consider it all a fantastic learning curve. Once Eileen The Cameravan is On The Road Again and I’m ready to embark on some serious creative practice, I’ll be back with another campaign; Refined, realistic and ready to succeed.

It was a hope of mine that my crowdfund experience would inspire other folk I know to do the same as I’m very lucky to be surrounded by so many wonderfully creative and caring people. Low and behold, not only am I already receiving the news that this is going to happen but I’ve already set up another campaign for a dear friend of mine; The Billy-Rose Little Miracles Fund.

What I’ve most learnt is that crowdfunding requires 200% commitment and ideally a great team to share tasks and reach out to as many people as possible. Although it’s not neccessarily quantity but quality as I put a lot of effort into a Thunderclap which sent a post to almost 96,000 folk simultaneously for little or no return.

Timing is crucial, as is content. Research, preparation and pace are also vital. Remaining positive is fundamental.

With only hours left on my initial campaign, I’ve got to crack on but I’ll be adding to this page over due time and am looking forward to sharing what I’ve learnt during my current endeavours and crowdfunding adventures.

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