The Trump Card

It seems mass mooning is reigniting as a form of public protest and since Donald Trump came to power in the USA, the technique has been deployed there and is tipped to occur when he visits the UK later this year. I also heard there was a mass-postcard-strike planned there too.

I can’t help but wonder if the most effective form of protest would be for no-one to turn up for his arrival at all. A foot vote so to speak. Arrange a massive moon party some other place. Get Google Earth coverage.

As for UK politics, we’ve got a lot to answer for and what a shame my lunar efforts never came to much. I f I could only step out of the constant crisis I seem to live through. I know it’s not just me though and I know there’s fear in the air for many worldwide over.

If only we could restructure the entireĀ  political system, local, national and global on an honest foundation rather than the pack of lies propping everything up historically through to the current times we’re living in.