You Hoo Ooh Hoo

You hoo ooh hoo

You hoo ooh hoo

I can’t keep hurting myself over you

However hard I have to accept

What you do and who are you

I’ve been aching so much

I know it’s time for me to stop

Letting myself keep hurting over you hoo ooh hoo

But you penetrated my skin

You’re all around me and within

My heart, my soul, my spirit, my dreams, my psyche, my every being

You form the air I’m breathing and every sound I’m hearing

You helped make this life I’m living

With or without you hoo ooh hoo

So I wake each day anew and I start again

Trying to fit into this crazy world we’re all living in

Ruled by facist dictators

Who care not much for their voters

Killing life and Mother Nature

Who the fuck are you hoo ooh hoo?

When I could so easily roll over and go back to sleep

And keep on letting myself hurt over you

So many tears that I could weep

But where would that get me?

Except caught in my own sense of misery

Created by me all over you hoo ooh hoo

So I’ll find my own two feet

And I’ll stand tall in all I do

Accept the things I cannot change and strive to do the things that I can do

Like loving, caring, sharing, co-creating

This beautiful world we live in

With thoughts of you hoo ooh hoo