Creekside Caravan Portraits

Crymein painted Sarah Bear’s caravan with a load of leftover paint whilst at the Spike squat in Peckham. That’s where we met when I moved in with Eileen around the Winter Solstice of 2007. Since then, it’s literally been here, there and everywhere (Iinks to follow).

Above you see me stood next to Sarah’s caravan dressed as ‘flag lady’ at the Fordham Party in the Park in September 2014. Sarah and I quickly converted her humble homestead into a camera obscura, which a handful of folk got to enjoy as we were out having fun that day!

This outing took us to No.3 Creekside, SE8 for the 16th annual Deptford X Arts Festival, 26th September-5th October 2014, where we not only set the caravan up as an obscura for visitors to enter and experience but as a camera and darkroom too, with which we took their portraits…

DeptfordX Portraits

Below are close ups of the portraits’ original negatives alongside the positives. We’ve only produced a quick first-run of positive prints so the quality of each can be improved upon. Furthermore, the digital photos shown here are to merely display the work hence me not perfecting the lighting, etc in any way.

The measurement below each photo above is the size of the original negative in inches and each image is numbered. Copies of these original black and white photographs produced by Sarah Bear and myself are available upon request…in fact, apologies for the delay in making this so!..we still need to finalise a few things but get in touch if you’re interested.



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