Dimension What?

Where, where,

(where), oh where are

we? Oh tell me what is this

dimension that I see?

So flat, oh so flat,

(flat), so out of key;

Oh please tell me,

what is reality?

This gift, oh this gift,

(gift), this gift of

life, turned instead to

war and strife.

The rich, oh the rich,

(rich), those powers that be;

Oh, what are they

Doing to you and me?


afraid of work;

Minds scared and

hands afraid of dirt.

Eyes closed tight

(tight), so blind to

see; Hearts scared and

minds trapped, blinkered ignorantly.

Cold, unfeeling, with

(with), fear to feel,

or even face up to

what it is that we’ve made real.

People on the streets

(streets), waving arms in the air;

Too many lives torn apart

by others who do not care.

And where, where,

(where), oh where are we?

Oh please tell me

What is this dimension that I see?

And when, when,

(when), oh when are we going to

change, this blurred reality

we have made so deranged?

For where,

(where), oh where am

I? So very sick and

tired of all these lies.

And where, where

(where), oh where are

you, amidst the very little

things that you