The Bimble Inn

Peaceful party people, leaving no trace, creating smiles and magical music.

What a family to be in the wings off. Sewn as a seed of an idea in Clive’s tipi one festival way back when, friends connecting for me from my time at Goldsmith’s College and meandering to Ridge Farm, Breaking Convention and beyond realized the party was in that very tipi but the entrance needed to be extended.

Intermix Mike’s genius mind and the rest is history. Quadrupeds. Sourcing local wood in Cornwall and preparing the poles, a gaggle of Bimblers built the original Baby Bimble Inn at Mike’s folk’s place before our first set-up in the Tipi Field of Glastonbury Festival.

The site changed the following year and Bimble has been situated in The Park ever since. My involvement grew and then dwindled as Everything Really grew and flourished.

Beautiful Days has been a constant mainstay and 2006 was Eileen The Cameravan’s first road trip with dear Katy on board.

There was Sunrise too and this is where the magic of meeting the dearest Jonathan Cainer gradually occurred over time.

Bimble Bandada and Smallworld have coexisted for many years along with The Rebel Outpost.