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This project first started to form as an idea in the mid-nineties and took on the name Hoardwork as I was slowly collecting discarded items to make presents for influential figures of monarchy, state and industry. It wasn’t until 2008 that I had the opportunity to start assembling the pieces and over the next five years, E.R. gathered momentum.

I decided to get as much exposure of the project as possible and garner public opinion about the current state of affairs in life and politics, locally, nationally and globally. This is what E.R. is about, Everything Really. I find it impossible to not observe what is going on around me and have a constant desire to reflect and express myself creatively for that is what I love doing. It is also a way for me to process that which most effects me for the political is personal.

Developing my ideas for E.R. have been further influenced by my life inside Eileen The Cameravan (ETC) and living with an inverted view of reality. My thought process really has been turned upside down. I became increasingly aware of the magic and potential of the present and was able to imagine a bright future but needed to understand the past better and acknowledge how we’d reached our current state in world affairs. It’s a long call, but I wanted to contribute towards a peaceful and creative revolution.

Further to assembling gifts intended for influential people, I have spent considerable time distributing a postcard over 5000 times and raising postal costs to send copies to every member of the House of Lords and Commons and other key figures too. These were posted in May 2011 and as my friends warned me were pretty much lost in the post. More recently with the help of my friends, I have gift-wrapped and given away a vast amount of the contents of my life, meaning I at last just about fit into ETC. The presents made out of discarded items haven’t made it to their intended recipients and have instead be given to important people in my life. Notable to this was the delivery of the original piece, Illuminating Education From The Inside out-I Have Done My Lines Now to a friend in America as it was always meant for the President of the USA, this seemed to be a step closer at least.

I played my first musical gig at the end of 2008 and have since continued to experiment with word, music and film. I made my first film in 2009 and have recently had short films screened with Exploding Cinema. I’ve organised and participated in lots of events combining these different elements of practice along with the visual art elements of E.R. in squats, pubs and festivals.

In 2010, I began my happenings in Old Palace Yard and have held Mass Moon For Peace every October since. This was initially through a SOPCA application and with backing from the Metropolitan Police but is now considered under the Public Order Act of 1986. A very interesting dialogue commenced as I became more public with the project and although I’d originally intended to remain anonymous, became increasingly transparent about my activities.

During preparations for a ten-day event, ‘Enough Is Enough; Everything Must Go’, I realised the word ‘revolution‘ becomes ‘no it u lovE.R.‘ when broken up and spelt backwards. This became a catch phrase of the project and prompted me to invest in some rubber stamps. The phrase was added to every postcard along with links to my work. The first 2,500 cards were also coded to the original piece that by now has made it to the USA.

I further occupied Old Palace Yard every Tuesday afternoon throughout March, 2011 for ReBeLievE.R. and produced a series of visual installations, music and film. It was not long after this that I posted the cards, somewhat prematurely as I still hadn’t raised adequate public awareness of the project.

In 2012, I managed to hold a number of installations and exhibitions and give away most of the contents of my life, each individually gift-wrapped and rubber stamped with the royal crown, no it u lovE.R. and the phrase, ‘You are very influential, important and special‘. These events brought with them a lot of magical synchronicities and lead me to also give away the original gifts intended for the elite. I figured they wouldn’t really appreciate the effort and so gave them to folk I knew would.

Having built this project up gradually over eighteen years, I feel more than ready to fully release it. There’s many more happenings than mentioned above that have taken place and it has been a test of endurance that has proven to me the wealth of kindness and generosity amongst people. Contrary to what the mainstream informs us of, people are creatures of peace, love and respect. This has been a very roundabout way of pointing out that we are each very important, influential and special. That is the bottom line.

I found myself in Old Palace Yard again earlier in 2013 and am conjuring plans now for the Aries full moon coming up soon. Following whatever occurs for Mass Moon For Peace IV; So High Tide For Change, I intend to get back on the road again and invert parliament within ETC and journey on to capture all of the Sir Wren domes in London.

There is a plethora of learnings waiting to come out following my quest to better understand the past in order to make clear the present and create the bright future I envisage. I predict it won’t take too long now.

For further insights, go to: www.thearmed909.tk/wordpress

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