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Reclaim LoveThis sweatshirt was given to me by a dear friend, Venus; Reclaim Love-‘may all the beings in all the worlds be happy and at peace’. The little plastic people live in my pencil tin alongside my special 6” metal ruler, Victorian penknife and my trusty ink pens, one black, one blue. Together, along with many other extraordinarily kind, beautiful and creative folk we make peace and spread love.gettingangbangthen Venus worldly reflection when the sky looks like an oceana tracey+gavinThe reflection above shows me reflected in the world whilst travelling on the Staten IslandĀ  ferry when visiting New York State earlier this year. I tend to focus my actions a lot on the moon and am thoroughly in love with Mother Nature. The other photos here were taken aboard Barnacle, a beautiful, eco-friendly, boat-home of a friend named G. Moored in Creekside, London, it’s a very inspiring place to be.P1110733 IMGA0050 IMGA0043 IMGA0039 IMGA0084 typewriter

I love life and creativity, music and art. Re-using old materials and rejuvenating derelict spaces. With genius friends like Sarah Bear and Dr. Why, the inventor of the Triangla seen above, it’s impossible for me not to enjoy what it is that I do!

future card IMGA0005 IMGA0004 DSC05914 DSC05962 P1190598 P1190602 P1190601 P1190595 Even though often leads me to comprehend issues that irrate me, art is life and life is personal, as is politics. Although I personally love looking at light and always take the creative option to peacefully demonstrate what it is I wish to see in the world.

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