Other Obscuras

In 2003, I constructed my first camera obscura whilst working with students at the Channel School in Folkestone, Kent. We transformed a random corridor area into a moment of magic with a load of black sugar paper and electrical tape following the instructions I’d read in a book.

This marked the beginning of my adventures with pinhole photography and the next camera obscura I constructed was ETC, built to work, live and roam in…and is still to be fully realised!

Two large, adjoining cupboards in a squat, The303, in Camberwell were easily adapted during 2010 and the door chamber obscura has travelled time in various locations between 2011-2013…that journey was due to continue in 2014 but the components had vanished when I went to collect them.

Old, wooden palattes at the Bimble Bandada have twice formed camera obscuras and with the brilliant help of a friend, Jasmine, produced photos this year too…

Bimble Bandada 2014

Old cupboards, Bear’s caravan and more recently old pub signs, upcycled as Rebel Outpost signs at the Bimble Bandada in 2015 and eventually built into a box on wheels at the Hive, Kingsland Road.

Even though I feel I’ve accomplished what it is I set out to achieve, namely the inversion of parliament, I feel there’s still more work to be done.

My fascination with light and photography won’t simply vanish.

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