The Whistle One

Too much violence in the world, police sirens.

People fighting wars when we’re really craving silence.

Peace and love at core, not all this violence.

But when are we going to learn to drop our arms?


We’ve been taught to colour in the bigger picture

Like painting by numbers when there’s more than one to seven

Colours in the rainbow, life’s not defined in black and white

For there’s mid-grey and many differing hues too.


Each time I take a trip to town to have a look around

I see people walking backwards down the up escalator

Going round and round in circles seeking the eternal answer

When it lays deep inside each of us.


Change they say takes many lifetimes

It doesn’t happen overnight or in the blink of an eye

But I’ve a rebel mind and I’m really quite certain

That the clean up process really won’t take long.


Whistle solo.