On The Road Again

Eileen The Cameravan and I, thearmed909, have been off-road for far too long now. Our adventures were cut short, firstly by the introduction of the Low Emission Zone and then by a road accident. I’ve managed to keep hold of ETC but now know it’s time for us to get back on the road again.

I very nearly sold ETC a few weeks ago, thinking I had no other option but through this came to the realisation that selling ETC is not an option for I have already invested so much and know there’s still so much creative work to accomplish.

For this to happen, I need a lot of help and so am now in the process of making funding applications, about which more information will soon follow…As you’ll see by the home pageĀ  of this site, I’ve launched an Indiegogo campaign which runs until 11th December…that’s not a lot of time to raise a lot of money to get Eileen The Cameravan On The Road Again and make great art even better.

There’s a stunning list of perks that are available in exchange for financial donations and you can help spread word about the project by joining my Thunderclap before 22nd November. Follow the link below and click to support. If 100 people do so, then a simultaneous message will be posted across Facebook and Twitter reaching out to a lot of people at once and directing them to my Indiegogo campaign.


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