Songs I Sing

Fame and fortune is not my driving force. Observing, expressing and reflecting on the way it is remains my motivation. My creative journey has been very much informed by my life and the songs I sing are very much a part of this. Whooping cough as a child had a lasting effect on me, physical, emotional and psychological. In the my late twenties, I decided to reclaim my voice and found the guitar a good instrument for change.

I don’t consider myself a singer/songwriter as the words and melodies either find me or they don’t. I take a completely organic approach to things and have allowed any development to occur naturally.

Further to me setting out to reclaim my voice, making music seemed an obvious way for me to extend my creative practice and importantly, keep interacting in social spheres as my reduced income and ridiculous choice of employment could easily make me a hermit and the quest towards no it u lovE.R. would be utterly futile if I completely hid from humanity.

There are some recordings available that I will amalgamate here and there’s analogue studio recording happening in the near future.

For now, I’ll start adding lyrics…